Patriot Sky Hook Airfoil 30'

A unique parafoil design by Martin Blais. Rear venting provides an airfoil so stable that the Sky Hook doesn't need a tail. 30 square feet of lifting surface provides a great platform for launching windsocks, spinners, tails and other line laundry.

Did you know?

Martin Blais is originally from the Gaspe region of Quebec in Canada, an area that has cultivated many of Quebec's musicians and artists. A kite maker for over 15 years, Martin focuses on new ways to harness the wind to paint the sky - whether through banners, soft kites, or large windsocks. Martin literally stumbled into the art of kite making while walking in the park. He noticed a man making kites and struck up a conversation that peaked Martin's interest. Martin, who studied civil engineering in college, learned to sew, began making kites and discovered he had a knack for it. Martin realized he could earn a living selling kites, so the hobby became his livelihood. Parafoils are ready to travel so you never have to miss another breeze. A little shake is all that is required before you'll see the world from a higher perspective. No assembly is needed, as the wind does all the work for you. Ram-air inflated cells provide a stable, unbreakable wing similar to modern parachutes. They may seem high tech but they are easy to fly.

Big fun in a compact package. No sticks to break or lose.

Color: Red, White, Blue
SKU: 55352
Size: W 63 x H 100 inches (160 x 254 cm)
Wind range: 6-20 mph
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
Flying Line: 80 to 150 lb Line Recommended
Patriot SkyHook 30'
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  • Item #: 55352
  • Manufacturer: New Tech Kites
  • Condition: New
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