Harmony 4' SureFly Delta

These Sureflys are named for their ability to always fly no matter what... a sure-flyer!

Renowned for their stability in flight, SureFly Deltas will never let you down. If you want to make sure it flies, these kites are for you. They make it easy for children of all ages to catch a breeze.

Color: Multi Rainbow
SKU: 50152
Size: W 48 in x H 74 in (121 x 187cm)
Wind Range: 5-12 mph
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
Frame: Fiberglass
Flying Line: 30 lb. Line included

Easy to Fly Kite.. Great for Kids!
Harmony 3' SureFly Delta
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  • Item #: 50152
  • Manufacturer: New Tech Kites
  • Condition: New
Price $19.95
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