Diamond Paper Kite Kit 5 Pack

This kite making kit is ideal for projects in the classroom or at home. Each kite sail is made from natural non-woven fibers (similar to tyvek paper), and is perfect for decorating with markers or acrylic paints. Each kit is complete with fiberglass frame, plastic tail, adhesive tape, pre-cut bridle and flying line on winder. There are 5 Diamond Kite Kits in this set.

Color: White, ready for decoration
SKU: 56111
Size: W 21 x H 24 inches (53 x 64 cm)
Wind Range: 5-18 mph
Sail: Natural Non-woven Fiber
Frame: Fiberglass
Flying Line: Line on Winder Included
Tails: Plastic

Easy to Fly Kites - Fun and Educational Project

3D Colorful Ship
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  • Item #: 56111
  • Manufacturer: New Tech Kites
  • Condition: New
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